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LiveDist(Java) is a Java EE product written in Java.


LiveDist(Java) selectively distributes data stored in Oracle databases. The server-side web-components of LiveDist(Java) are deployed into a cluster of java web-servers (such as Tomcat or any other servlet container), any Java-EE application-server can also be used as a servlet container. The EBJ components of LiveDist(Java) can be deployed into any Java application-server.

LiveDist(Java) servlets can directly access the database via JDBC (bypassing the EJB container). When passing through the EJB container is required (usually for security reasons), LiveDist(Java) session-beans are used.

Few instances of LiveDist(Java) (running on different web-servers and application-servers), can access the same Oracle database and distribute tables in different schemas.

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LiveDist(Java) & LiveDist(C#) are similar products but not with identical functionality. Some of the features exist only in LiveDist(C#) and not in LiveDist(Java). For example, topics-slices in LiveDist can contain the operations: 'and', 'or', 'not', ..., while the topics-slices in LiveDist(Java) can only contain the 'or' operation. Later releases will add these features into LiveDist(Java).