About Galiel 3.14 Ltd.

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Galiel 3.14 provides middleware software for large and complex systems

How old is Galiel?

Eldad Zamler founded Galiel 3.14 Ltd. in 1993.

The meaning of the name Galiel

The name Galiel stands for Galit and Eldad Zamler, the owners of Galiel 3.14 Ltd.

Galiel provides consulting services in the following areas

Galiel provides middleware products for selective database distribution

The middleware products are used as infrastructure in mission-critical systems, for efficiently distributing data from central databases to many thousands of clients and between interconnected databases, in a constantly changing topology, both over low bandwidth and high bandwidth network connections.

The distribution products:

LiveDist(Java) and LiveDist are similar products, running on different platforms.

A Java product (J2EE). Supported databases: Oracle.

A C# product (.Net). Supported databases: SQL-Server, Oracle.